Challenge for artists! 28/02/21

Craig was tagged by the incredibly, talented artist, Mark Fox to show one image of my art for 10 consecutive days.

No explanation needed, and then to nominate another artist everyday to do the same.

10 days,

10 images,

10 nominations,

No explanations!

View the final results on the Facebook

The goal is to promote positivity, passion, and attention to our love of art.

New originals available online 02/02/21

Craig has been very busy over the last few months producing a number of new and exciting, original artworks. Click here to view online.


Craig has launched a new website that showcases his latest work and provides information on his background and process. Full of images, this virtual gallery also allows visitors to purchase Craig Everett artworks direct.

Urban Art 30/10/20

From Battersea to Bradford

Northern artist Craig Everett cut his teeth in the urban art movement.  Urban art is art from the city, created by artists experiencing and celebrating city life from Battersea to Craig’s home town of Bradford.  In its rawest form, it’s graffiti, once considered vandalism but now seen as an artform in its own right.


General larkings about

If you call someone a scallywag, you mean that they behave badly but you like them, so you find it difficult to be really angry with them.  That’s certainly true of the defiant little faces that look back at you from popular northern artist Craig Everett’s Scallywags series, as they enjoy what he calls “general larkings about”.